Tuesday, March 13, 2012

26 before 26: Slowing my roll & sewing a skirt.

It's Tuesday, and I'm still mourning the end of this weekend. I was in Ludlow since Thursday morning, fighting off a cold and anxiously awaiting Saturday night. Thursday night we went candlepin bowling with Mike's parents and Friday we got some of the best pizza in Springfield. Then Saturday came: we slept in, watched some Walking Dead, went thrift store shopping, then headed off to the Hu Ke Lau, starving and excited. Can I just say, if you ever have the opportunity, GO SEE SINBAD. After his two hour show, I left with sore cheeks and a bursting bladder (I couldn't bear to miss any of it!). The food was pretty phenomenal as well, and the Shocktop was only $3! All in all, the best $32 I've spent in a long, long time.

This week's weather took its cue from this weekend; except for some rain this morning, it's been sunny and in the SIXTIES for the past two days. This winter has been the most forgiving in my five years in New England, and though I'm not quite clawing at the walls begging for spring, I'll never turn down a beautiful day and the absence of a coat.

I also decided to slow my horses and turn my dress into a skirt since it wasn't really working out. I have two new fabrics that are destined for dresses, so I want to go to Sew Low Discount Fabrics to see if I can find a great pattern. I'm so scared of using patterns, but I'll never learn unless I dive in. And even though I feel like I took a step backward--and wasted a lot of thread and time being stubborn--sewing my own skirt was still on my 26 before 26 list. Real winners know when to quit. And start over. And, you know, from the beginning rather than closer to the end where I'd much rather be.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could sew clothes! One day I'll be brave and give it a try. Glad you decided to turn the dress into a skirt instead of scrapping the project all together!