Friday, March 9, 2012

A spoonful of sugar.

It's been a long couple of weeks, and I couldn't confidently pinpoint what it was about them that made them long, draining, exhausting. I've come to each weekend gasping for breath and ready, so ready. The past couple days of working from home have proven restorative. I just made a costume change. This morning when I woke up, this cold starting to really settle in, I just wanted simple: t-shirt and jeans. And just now, I wanted to something looser, something that made feel pretty without feeling over the top, so I changed into a dress, pulled my hair up. Sometimes it's the littlest change that can impact your mood in a big way.

I'm drinking my 2:30 pm coffee, and forgiving myself for eating chips and salsa at 10:30 am and a Luigi's Italian Ice at 1 pm. We went candlepin bowling with Mike's parents last night, and I bowled my best (candlepin) score: 94! It was this basement bowling alley in Palmer that I really want to buy and move some place I actually want to live. (Sorry, Palmer.)

On the docket for this weekend:

  • My first trip to Saver's!
  • Ocean State Job Lot in Palmer (apparently it's the best)
  • Dinner with my friend Rachael on Sunday!
  • Making headway in The Beautiful and Damned by Fitzgerald
  • Getting more fabric to keep going at my dressmaking

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