Thursday, March 15, 2012

An ode to the third floor on the right.

I've spent so much time recently daydreaming about the future, and I fear I've forgotten to soak up everything that's happening now because surely I am missing the best parts. Forest for the trees and all that.
  1. There is that feeling of coming home, after a long weekend away, of Inman Square's bustle and the welcoming light streaming into our room.
  2. The nights when Meg and I are both home at the same time, or getting ready on a weekend morning. The loud (usually awful *cough*LMFAO*cough*) music and equally bad dancing, the waffles, the coffee, the laughing. I can't believe I'm all grown up and about to move on from the days of roommates. An era is ending! How dare I wish it away so fast?
  3. This apartment is a place of so many firsts for Mike and me! Our first kiss, the beginning of our first date, our first cuddles, first boardgames, first apartment living together. 
  4. This apartment was also the place of so many other firsts. I've been so many versions of myself in the short amount of time I've lived there. I've been young, recent grad, uncertain of my present, let alone my future. I've been carefree, discovering what it means to be in my twenties and single, to be a young attractive bartender, working late nights and having ridiculous fun with people in the same boat as me. I've been heartbroken, wreckless with my own emotions, fearless with my own heart. I've seen the dangers of that, and reaped the benefits. I've decided that that is who I am, and I have never regretted it. I've been a needy friend, a good listener, a horrible roommate, a better roommate. I've been the friend, tagging along and making my own way. 
  5. It's also about a thirty second walk to one of my favorite coffee shops in my history as a coffee shop lover. It's been my go-to for early morning weekend reading time, writing time, or just general Hey, let's hang out time. I'll miss being a stone's throw from 1369.
  6. Did I mention that Inman Square is amazing? It's central to so many great squares in Cambridge (Davis/Porter, Central, Harvard, Kendall, Union). I can get to an awesome brunch, bar, dinner, dessert, thrift store, coffee shop, movie theatre, mall, and Target all within walking distance.
Generally, I'll miss this chapter of my life. Not in a pining for it kind of way, but in the way you feel about people younger than you, experiencing things you remember struggling through with the new appreciation for where those experiences ultimately took you, shaped you. This was such a necessary, such a dear, such a fleeting time. Thank God for it. 

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Maria said...

Oh moving is so sad all the time! I'm living with two of my friends now for the semester in a house off campus and I know when it's time to move out I'm not going to want to leave, even though we hate our place!