Monday, July 11, 2011

I want to go to the beach.

The coworker chat in the office this morning is about upcoming vacations. We have a loose vacation policy (pretty much, take it when you want it) at work, which ends up me feeling timid and scared to take any substantial time off. I end up taking random Fridays off every now and then. But I'm having a serious hankering for a week of nothing but sleeping in, reading in the grass, roadtripping to the beach, and finally making it out to Six Flags and Mass Moca instead of just talking about it. Mike doesn't know what he's in for tonight: Sitting down with a calendar and planning out the rest of the summer to make sure we squeeze all its juice out before it's dry. 

Today I'm thankful for borrowing Mike's car to work, suburban swimming pools, Herrell's groupons, game nights, and buses from Boston to Western Mass. Happy Monday! 

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