Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A couple months ago, Mike and I took a day trip up (over?) to Rockport, MA. He's lived in Western Mass for his entire life except for a brief stint in Rockport during middle school. It was a quick drive from Boston, and it felt like we'd traveled a little bit back in time. The busy summer season hadn't begun yet, so there weren't too many people to wade through as we explored Bearskin Neck (which I kept messing up and called Breakneck...) and the shops that were actually open. We ate at a little cafe (the cut off building in that first picture) before heading over to Halibut Point. One of my favorite parts about Massachusetts and New England in general is the range of experiences in such close proximity. I live in the city but quaint northeast towns such as Rockport are a quick drive away. 

Rockport's famous for Motif No.1, the red barn pictured above. It's featured in postcards, souvenirs, and beach condo paintings throughout the town. My favorite part were the boat name puns. This great view is courtesy of a little kitchen supply store's back porch. 
Mike and I walked around Rockport for a while and he showed me some of his old middle school stomping grounds like the park where he got hit in the face with a stick and lost his front tooth. After goofing off and reminiscing, we headed to Halibut Point. It's about a fifteen minute drive and it's well worth the trip. The reflections of the sky in the reservoir were breathtaking and there are so many spots to lie down and take in the view. And, you know, take pictures.

At Bearskin Neck.

Mike's taking some summer classes online for his Master's, and his most recent assignment was to create a newsletter telling the class about himself. One of my favorite quotes from it (I'm the resident proofreader) was, "While photography isn't really my thing, I love having goofy pictures taken of me." So, in case you didn't believe him.
I'm looking forward to more trips to the coastal towns in Massachusetts. I love the luxury of day trips, exploring without having to spring for a hotel or plane ticket. Hopefully next time we can bring our bikes and race around the reservoir.

What are some of your favorite local spots?


Kelly Hicks said...

That second picture is beautiful! I've only been to Boston, but I absolutely loved it! Seems like such a fun place to live!

Anonymous said...

i just found your blog through little chief honeybee (we're both mels so your comment jumped out at me!). i used to live in massachusetts and maine, so this post made me a little homesick for the east coast.

Rebekka Seale said...

That just looks SO lovely!

Mel said...

Kelly - I love it here! I'm a transplant from Georgia, and this place definitely feels like home.

Mel - Hi, Mel! :) Thanks for stopping by. I'd miss the NE so much if I ever moved away. I can't imagine.

Rebekka - It was a great day! Nothing like getting out of the city for a day for a no frills, no stress daytrip.

Thanks so much for stopping by!