Monday, July 11, 2011

North Bowling

Mike and I have been to Philly several times this past year, whether it's visiting for a Valentine's Day Massacre party, July 4th celebrations, or just because. It's been fun having more time to explore the city, do some touristy stuff and get a feel for the different neighborhoods. Now that Mike's two close friends (who introduced us) live there, we're getting nudged to move down eventually. For now, I'm enjoying the visits and the familiarity the city has taken on.

In one of our just because trips, Mike and I went exploring while our hostess babysat. We walked from Center City to Northern Liberties and discovered an adorable little bowling alley called North Bowl. Mike absolutely loves bowling so we stopped in for a beer, a couple games and some photobooth fun. 
I could stare at that heiny all day. TMI?
First up, we went upstairs to play some arcade games. They had so many options from pool tables to table hockey, air hockey, and, well, the one we ended up choosing: Buck Hunter. You see, Mike likes to tease me for being from the south. He calls me his southern belle, and often slips into a southern accent. He's convinced that southern people use words like "waint" and he drops it into conversation whenever it's convenient for him. By now the "word" has about 48 different meanings, depending on how he decides to use it. So he got a little excited when he saw Buck Hunter and was convinced I would be good at it. I'm sad to say, however, that Mike was much better. I guess this means he's ready to go hunting with my dad, no?
Next up, we did a little bowling. The games are a bit pricier than in Western Mass, where we usually go bowling, but the alley was so adorable and hip, it didn't really matter. The main downside? The lanes were so slick that Mike's curve ball (what's it called?) kept going straight to the gutter. That's what happens when you usually play at an alley whose lanes haven't been shined in a while. Despite Mike's many gutter balls, I still don't think I won a single game. 
After our failed bowling attempts, we decided to drop our final bits of cash on some photobooth pictures. I get giddy whenever I see one of these booths, a trait I get from my sister who is always on top of squeezing everyone into a booth and cheesing away. Our photos came out super underexposed, so we took some free ones on my point and shoot. I love them just as much. 
His favorite face to make. I usually just close my eyes and love him anyway.
Oh yeah, and there was gummy bacon. But unless it tastes like bacon, I don't want it. Actually even then, I probably don't want it. Just give me real bacon.
 It's been so amazing having a traveling and exploring partner these past (almost six) months! More adventures and crappy point-and-shoot pictures to come! Who's your partner in crime when you travel?

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