Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things I Made.

One of my favorite finds at the flea market this weekend was this little Donvier half pint ice cream maker. You freeze the canister for five hours then put your ingredients in, crank the little handle several times, and BAM! you have half a pint of homemade ice cream. It's small enough for one person but big enough for two people to share. And it's small enough to experiment without wasting a lot of ingredients. Last night I made homemade strawberry ice cream, which I ate while I watched Law & Order: SVU and crocheted a headband. I love winter.

I also sewed that curtain up there on Sunday night. Mike and I bought the fabric awhile back, and I finally got around to measuring the window and hemming it up. It took all of ten minutes, and I feel pretty accomplished. It might be time to head back to Sew Low for more curtain fabric!

Valentine's Day is off to a good start. I spent a good two hours of my night last night on Google Hangout with two of my closest friends from college. Crysty drank wine while Kate babysat and I crocheted. It was like old times! I'd been meaning to try the hangout feature of Google+, and our five year anniversary as friends was the perfect excuse. We vowed to talk every year on the day before Valentine's Day; a meeting of the Three Wise Men. If it were up to Kate, we'd be taking the Three Wise Men shots as well. We'll see how the years progress.

This morning I finished up Mike's card and scratch tickets for his scavenger hunt tomorrow, made myself a breakfast of oatmeal + strawberries + Nutella (because, why not?). Then when I got to work, guess what was waiting for me on my desk and in the office kitchen? Girl Scout cookies and heart-shaped chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. Oh man, oh man, my coffee couldn't have been happier.

Tonight I get to see Mike. He's making dinner; I'm making a cake for his sister's birthday (today!). Hope your Valentine's/Tues Day is wonderful!

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