Monday, February 13, 2012

The feeling of a Monday morning.

1. Pioneer Valley Flea Market, got some great finds 2. Started in on my new yarn loot 3. Foamy latte to ease into Monday morning. 

No one really likes Monday mornings, being thrust back into the real world of alarm clocks and deadlines, but I have a special aversion to them because it's the day Mike heads back west for work. We spent the weekend in Ludlow and came back to Cambridge yesterday afternoon for a leisurely night looking at apartments for September, making dinner, and watching Law & Order: SVU while I sewed a curtain for one of our windows. He's up at 5:35 on Mondays and leaves before I'm even fully aware what's happened, and it always leaves me feeling like I've forgotten to do something for the rest of the day. I know it's healthy to miss someone, but I can't wait for the days when we officially live in the same zip code full-time. Until then, my heart grows fonder.

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