Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In which I want to move (again).

Today I am working from Jenna's home (with Jenna this time!) and trying to focus on work instead of apartment headaches. They really are like migraines: they come out of nowhere, last several hours, and make me sick to my stomach. Luckily time seems to be flying by (it's mid-February, whaaaaat?) so daydreams of a new apartment (i.e., new landlord) won't be so for too much longer.

And when I can't focus on work, I'm focusing on tonight's festivities: Valentine's Day II. It's my turn to plan the night (last night Mike cooked a delicious dinner for me, then we took a cake to his sister for her birthday). We're hitting up Koreana for some Korean BBQ (and kimchee!!), then to Sacco's for candlepin, then home for some homemade ice cream and top notch cuddling. We spend a lot of time together, but sometimes it's nice to actually put a dress on and go out on a date. Nothing like a Valentine's Day encore to get through hump day.

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