Monday, November 21, 2011

Two more of these.

Phew. It's been a long day. I have quite a bit of work to squeeze into this gloriously abbreviated week, which I tried to get a nice jump on by waking up at the day's butt crack with Mike. If you're up after the end of Daylight Savings and the sun still hasn't risen, you deserve treats.

I stayed too late, then spent too much at Trader Joe's on the way home, and missed the bus to Inman. I also forgot my mittens. But all of that made changing into Mike's flannel pants and watching another chunk of Scream (I've been watching it in random short installments) on my phone while I ate leftovers that much sweeter. I've decided to put off making Mike and my stockings until tomorrow, and instead I'm going to stream some Mad Men and knit me a cowl.

This weekend felt shorter than it ought to have, but that's most likely due to our 10 PM bedtime on Friday and our action-packed Saturday and Sunday. We went for Friendsgiving to our friends Emily and Katie's house, where we had a real Thanksgiving meal and played Cranium (sans the crystallized clay) and watched SNL. We stayed the night, and in the morning we had bagels and watched Home Alone. It was perfect, and a great hurrah before their kitchen remodel began today. On Sunday, Mike carted me to Joann's Fabrics then made good on my (presumptuous) offer to drive Jenna and Ron to the airport. They're in Italy for Thanksgiving. Cyndi's in Turkey for the holiday. And yet, I couldn't be more thankful to be heading to Ludlow this Thursday. It's been years since I was able to head home or to my sister's in Virginia for Thanksgiving, and last year I spent the day mostly alone, making family recipes and watching Christmas movies on my computer. It was a good day, but I'm so looking forward to being surrounded by family and loud voices, stories on repeat, while I fight a food coma on the couch.

Christmas is on the brain these days, and I'm excited to say that I'm making the majority of my presents by hand. I always struggle with the feeling of giving-something-just-to-give, and so I've decided to put a little extra time and love into what I give this year. And I've resolved not to give anything that won't actually make someone's life a little better. For now, I'm making myself a little neckwarmer to wear on days that end up much colder than I anticipated when I left the house twelve hours before, you know, like today.


Erin Dawn said...

I've been thinking a lot about Christmas too...this weekend is a huge craft fair so I'm hoping to find goodies then...

(I kinda want turkey now after reading this!)

lisa said...

That's a good resolution- it's so meaningful to give/receive homemade gifts! One of my favorite things to do is veg out and knit! :)