Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The proverbial string tied on the finger.

Ugh. I just deleted an essential program from my computer, then frantically dug up the email that told me where/how to download it and its customizations, and still had to restart my computer and email someone for help. I know macs are supposed to be easy and intuitive, but sometimes deleting essentials is too easy and I don't need to be able to click and drag something into the trash. Sometimes I need a Microsoft-style warning: Are you sure you want to do that, oh computer-n00b? 

The clock on my computer screen reads 5:01, and I'm taking a moment for myself before I pack up and head home for the day. My holiday unofficially starts tomorrow, with a day of working from home. Something about sleeping in a little, working in my pajamas, and having time to make myself eggs makes me feel like I have the day off, even if I'm working.

If anything, this job is going to teach me the value of Daylight Savings, being on time for your bus (and taking a bus that's on time), a grocery budget (it's very difficult walking by a Trader Joe's day after day), and productivity applications. Evernote, iCal, and the ability to make email folders are my saving grace these days. Hopefully soon I'll learn how to streamline all of this information into one application instead of sprawling everything I need to know across multiple platforms in a desperate attempt to notforgetanything. There's a whole section of my afternoon routine titled: Did I forget anything?

It seems, today, that I have not.

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