Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Over the hump.

Today is a much better day than yesterday. I am more awake and much less overwhelmed. I have new deadlines, which stretch on past the next 24 hours. I have plans to make chili, and plans to make chili dogs, chili nachos, and more chili-related things for the days after. I'm just hoping the rainy weather lasts only as long as the chili does.

Last night I had my second TNGG: Boston meeting, met the new editor, and was assigned my second article! I'm excitedly awaiting feedback on my first article, and getting stoked because the research and interview for this next one involves grilled cheese. Yup.

After the meeting, I headed home, took off my rain-soaked shoes, and curled up on the chaise with a cup of chai and East of Eden. A bowl of coffee ice cream and an hour-long impromptu phone call with a friend were the perfect nightcaps. I love snuggling up in my bed after a long day of rain and wet feet.

Don't you just want to read short stories, eat soup, drink tea, and wear sweaters?! Me too.

xo, Mel.


Kristin said...

That sounds like the perfect rainy-day evening!

monster cakes said...

Sounds amazing! Fall always makes me crave chai, a good book, and sweaters. If only it wasn't 100 degrees in OR still! Lame. Anyway, I fixed my video on my blog. I'm not very good with technology, so thanks for being patient! xo