Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I love the rain the most when it stops.

I woke up at 5:26 this morning to put the finishing touches on my first article for TNGG: Boston. I'm a mess of excitement and nervousness. It's one thing to send out a piece of fiction and hope for the best, but my experience in the areas of journalism is pretty confined to my day job, which is so far removed from my actual life. So this feels bigger. And the pizza my boss provided during our lunch meeting is sitting heavy in my stomach.

Labor Day weekend ran the gamut of emotions for me. I finally got to experience Festa, the Portuguese festival in Mike's hometown. I also learned new things about the way I react in certain situations. Have I mentioned before that Mike is my first boyfriend? I've dated, I've been enamored of men, but nothing ever like this. I am head over heels, and I finally understand that being in love involves two people. It is an exchange and an agreement.

We got more stuff moved into the apartment last night, and met the neighbors across the way. I was excited to learn that we had new neighbors, and then was again disappointed when my roommate informed me they were only there for a month. I'm worried about the fate of our apartment building, our apartment, and my living situation in the next year. I cannot wait for this anxiety to subside.

Today I'm tired and overwhelmed and listening to Joe Purdy on repeat. I look forward to a weekend in Cambridge, some coffee shop nights working on editing projects, and planning a trip home to Georgia. I feel like there is so much I have yet to do, and I eagerly await the feeling of completion that never really comes.

xo, Mel.

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