Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moving pictures

I cannot get enough of this song lately.
I finally uploaded some photos I took a couple weekends ago when I wandered around Northampton. I'm still editing and going through them, but I took some series to make gifs out of. I didn't realize how easy it was! Sorry if the ant one is gross, but I like the wind in the abandoned tissue and tracing his little path.

Today is overcast, and I'm working from Jenna's house again. Fingers crossed that today is the day my apartment is reconnected to the land of the Internet. After I deal with that, I'm heading to Ludlow for my last scheduled weekend there until Mike is a Cantabrigian. During the day, we'll be manning our booth at a neighborhood tag sale, and by night we'll be at the Big E, where I plan to try for the first (and last) time, a burger on a glazed donut. Wish my arteries good luck!

Last night was the first writer's group meeting in a while. We have a new member, and he is amazing. It was just what I needed to set a fire under my toosh to get writing and submit for next week. I've been thriving on deadlines lately.

Some countdowns that I've begun:

  • Two days until my first Big E experience
  • Seven days until I head to NOLA
  • Fourteen days until I'm a quarter of a century old
  • Fourteen days until Medieval Manor!
  • Fifteen days until my surprise birthday weekend with Mike
  • Thirty-seven days until I visit Georgia and see my mom

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LBR said...

I am so glad you shared the website to make these! I saw one on a blog and was dying to know how i was done. Can't wait to try it!