Saturday, September 3, 2011

In NoHo

Today I'm blogging from Thornes, an indoor mall of local shops in Northampton. Mike received some sad news yesterday and had to be there for family and friends today. In the meantime, I'm waiting for him, getting a jumpstart on some work. I'm trying to be disciplined, getting work done before I let myself wander and people watch. I'm antsy to get out to the Farmer's Market.

Hope your Saturday is as sunny and slow-moving as mine currently is.

xo, Mel.


Christina said...

Sorry to hear about the sad news. There is never a dull people watching moment at Thorns to help pass your day. Or you could always laugh at the irony which is Essentials. Which is Essentially nothing you'll ever really need.

Mel said...

Thanks, Christina. Yes, it was a beautiful day that we rounded out with ice cream from Herrell's. Peppermint ice cream with free chocolate sprinkles! Mmm.

xo, Mel.