Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All you have to do is wake up in the morning.

Oh the difference a new day makes. Last night I was discouraged and deflated, due to a botched networking event I attended with Jenna. As usual, she was a natural and in her element, possibly landing a new VC for the start-up she works for. For me, the best part was catching up with an old friend who happened to also be at the event and eating free sushi. Oh, and I had a free Oktoberfest, too. That was nice.

The more I try to explore my businesswoman options, the more I'm faced with that sinking feeling that I don't belong here. I want to write a novel. I want to open a bakery, plant a garden, learn to make my own clothes because of the grim outlook of me ever being able to buy new ones. (Note to self: When trying to embrace a new day and a new outlook, don't start your workday by scheduling your student loan payments.) I would love to use my passion for words in a real life job, and it excites me to apply for jobs that hold those possibilities. (Hell, I'm even doing that in my current job, so I can't really complain. But when has that ever stopped anyone?)

I leave for Ludlow tomorrow afternoon, and I'm excited for a little change of scenery. Though I do fear that my constant disappearance from home and real life contributes to my lack of groundedness. I suppose we'll see after September, when I'm back and Mike's all moved in.

On a positive note, I started reading Tom Perotta's new novel The Leftovers this morning, and I can already tell that I love it. I met him last year at the Boston Book Festival, and I'm hoping I'll run into him again this year to tell him how great it is. Something about fall gets me itching for curling up with a good book (moreso than normal, I guess), and I'm feeling ready to revamp and restart with my book blog, The Things They Read. I want to start a whole site of The Things They... things, including my new and still budding write blog, The Things They Wrote. Hopefully my writing group meeting tonight will inspire me some more for this project.

xo, Mel.  

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