Thursday, August 25, 2011

Letters & Postcards

Last night I made this (my version looked like this). Instead of canned biscuits, however, I made two batches of the biscuit recipe on the Bisquick Healthy Start pancake mix (mostly because I had a coupon for that, and it seemed more bang for my buck). It turned out delicious, but I set off the smoke alarm twice in the process. By the end of it, my roommate and I were coughing in the living room hoping the four fans we quickly threw into the kitchen would do the trick. I also employed one of our large couch pillows to aid in the de-smokifying of our kitchen. So, if you decide to make this delectable dessert/breakfast/snack, be sure to put a pan underneath to catch the delicious drippings that you can remove from the oven before it starts to smoke. Just a word from the wise. Well, wise-ish. 

Today I'm working from my friend Jenna's home because we still don't have Internet (and won't until next Tuesday). Heading to Ludlow tonight, and I can't wait. Until then, I've written a few more letters.
Dear Freelancing Opportunities: You have presented me with stress, new learning opportunities, frustration, uncertainty, and buttloads of hope for the future. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Dearest Mom: Knowing we are in the same time zone for the first time in almost a decade, and for good, is dearer to me than all the books, all the ice cream, all the SSR (sustained silent reading) time in the world. Thank you for always knowing what you wanted and for reminding me that hope is not to be underrated. Dear Bea and Jeremiah: I am so blessed knowing that I am in your family, that I can rely on you when times get hard, and that you will always, always do what you know is right. Thank you for raising the bar I use to measure myself. Dear Mike: Amish you.


Ashley Slater said...

Mel, If you go to Bed Bath and Beyond they sell these $8 oven mats that you can just lay out in the bottom of your oven and they catch everything that drips.... never clean the bottom of your oven again! It has been a LIFESAVER for me, because lots of my things bubble over! You should look into it!


Mel said...

Ash, That's awesome! I'll definitely be on the lookout for that next time. I hate smoky kitchens!

- Mel