Monday, August 22, 2011

New letters: Third time's the charm

So Blogger has been a little buggy this morning, and I'm taking this opportunity to start the day fresh with a new weekly post: Letters & Postcards. I would be lying if I didn't mention the original inspiration for this idea, but it's going beyond just writing letters each week. I also want to figure out new ways to reward myself, to push myself, and to find pleasure in the little things. I've been a little glum lately because of money. It's the one thing I'm able to hate and love at the exact same time. It's what ruins my mood a lot of days and keeps me from dreaming as big as I should. So to overturn the prevailing culture that money improves quality of experience, I'm going to give myself a present a day, and with that I will get creative and be reminded that there are so many ways my life is rich, even if my bank would not agree.

Dear Easy-Peasy Skirt: You are proving to be more of a challenge than I expected, and my tendency to say buck to measurements and exactness is rearing its head as my Achilles' heel. I am not defeated; I am merely regrouping. See you this week. Dear Verizon High-Speed Internet Service: You are a lie, and you have caused more tears, frustration, and procrastination than you deserve to be credited for. It was a pleasure telling your sales representative exactly why I am canceling my service: Because I haven't had service for four days. I hope you have a wonderful life, even if it doesn't involve me. Dear Comcast: Don't break my heart like that last guy. Dear September: You approach with stunning speed, and with your cooler temperatures, you bring birthdays of those I love (and me!), a trip to a new city, a birthday celebration complete with jousting, and a secret birthday weekend with my man. You're already easing the pain of the end of summer, and you're not even here yet. Dearest Life Lessons: You are always one step ahead of me and yet one step behind me with a swift kick. Thanks for reminding me that often my hope is too small, my plans are too simple, and my ideas are too overlooked. Keep 'em coming. Dear Mike: Thank you for boogie boarding with me all day on Saturday despite your uncomfy bathing suit and for remembering my (never ending) wish to eat ice cream before heading back to Boston. 
Blow-dried hair. Most summer days I just let it air dry, but today I wanted to feel more put together, so I splurged the extra seven minutes.


Ashley Slater said...

Letters are fun, I do them every friday on my blog! and it is one of my favorites things of the entire week! Love your letters!

Mel said...

Thanks!! Yeah, I love when people write letters, and it seemed like another fun way to journal.