Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dream home.

With all of the hullaballoo of our building getting bought and now gutted of all the other tenants, I'm getting worried. I'm bracing myself for the near future of contractors and regular emails about visitors to our apartment. We didn't get the hint when they bought our building that they wanted us out. And now that the lease is signed and everyone else is moving out by the end of the month, it feels too late to turn back. We've been prettying up the place, making room for Mike in October, but I can't help but start looking forward to one year from now when Mike and I can start looking for a place of our own. With all of our trips around New England, it's become a little game to pick out our favorite parts of the houses we see. I had a field day this past weekend in Westerly, RI, which is way out of 99.9% of America's price range, but a girl can dream. You can check out these images and my other ideas of an ideal home at my Pinterest or at My Ideal Home, where I pretty much love everything.

We've started compiling a list of things our dream home would have, which includes but is not limited to:

1. Wrap-around porch: For rainstorms, late night phone calls, early morning coffee, and lazy Sunday afternoons.

2. A good-sized kitchen: We both agreed that we would sacrifice the size of our bedroom for a decent-sized kitchen with good appliances. Some of the best meals I've made have been inspired by the combination of our hungry stomachs, and I can't wait to someday have a big kitchen to bake with him.
Via My Ideal Home
3. A basement: Mike has a lot of sports stuff, that he's acquired from his PE teaching but also from just loving every kind of sport (even the ones that sound made up). Granted this image is more my idea of a good use of a basement, but just humor me. I'd love to have my own office for when I work from home.

4. WINDOWS: I love waking up early in the morning, watching the morning light change, so windows in all areas of the house is a must.
5. Bookshelves: I want bookshelves that are embedded in the foundation of the house. You know, like a metaphor. Also, under-the-stairs nooks are my favorite.
Glenn Gissler Design contemporary staircase
contemporary staircase design by new york interior designer Glenn Gissler Design
6. A hammock: Do I really need to explain?
If we can't find those things, we'll just have to buy an Airsteam and live everywhere.

Source: None via Shari on Pinterest
Or live in a treehouse.

What would be in your ideal home? 


Christina said...

How fun! You can check out my "dream" house on pintrest too! Our condo that we are renting just went for sale. . we haven't decided what we want to do. . I'm hoping it will just not sell and we can stay a little longer.

Mel said...

Haha I was hoping that too when my building went up for sale! But now I get a whole year to dream big, and then I'll give myself a month to scale back a little :)