Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Legend of the Pool on Cambridge Street

Thursday was spent working from home, waiting impatiently for the Verizon technician to come fix our Internet, and going to the dentist. After a day like that, I needed a break. And a damn good dinner. Luckily Meg knew what I had in mind. When I got home from the dentist, we threw on our bathing suits and rode our bikes to the rumored pool behind the Portuguese library on Cambridge Street. I'd heard about it from a friend, but I'd never actually laid eyes on it. We rounded the corner, the smell of fresh-baked bread in our nostrils, and there she was. $1.50 in quarters to the lady who paused her iPod to take our money from us, and we were in! I snapped this photo to prove to other Cantabrigians that this pool actually exists. Then Mike said I was creepy for taking it. You win some, you lose some. 
We didn't last very long in the pool before deciding it was time for some grub. The bike ride home was cool and breezy. I wanted something simple but refreshing and filling. So I made some curly pasta, some chopped steamed asparagus, sliced some cherry tomatoes, then mixed it all together with some butter and feta cheese. And let me tell you, it was exactly what I wanted. Add a side of toasted baguette with avocado and you're looking at one happy girl who turned her meh Thursday right around. What are you eating this summer? 
Decided against the sweet peas and basil. Oh well. 
Could hardly wait to dig in.

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