Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday.

I keep seeing Mostly Wordless Wednesday around my daily blog reads, but due to my lack of a sophisticated digital camera, I have to go the opposite direction and start my series of word-filled Wednesdays. 

I never thought I'd say this, but thank god for pop-in-your-window air conditioners. This has been the first week of complaint-worthy heat in Boston (although really, it's the first week of it so we still shouldn't complain), and it feels mighty fine to wake up dry rather than floating in a puddle of my own sweat. Besides, this way my comforter doesn't get all lonely and sad through the summer months, right? Okay, I'll turn it down next time. I know that this love affair will be less romantic once the electricity bill rolls in, but let a girl enjoy her summer fling for just a couple days. It's all I ask.

I also ask that the management company that just purchased my building be nice to us: Give us our current rent price for August; replace the broken screens in the kitchen; clean up the trash situation downstairs; send the rats and their babies on their way; fix the lock on the front door. Our rent is going up $600 in about a month (oh, so that's the downside to living month-to-month!), and I'm trying to stay on the bright side. Now we have a real resource to fix things rather than some guy who comes by once a month to pick up our checks in person. Yeah, it's a little shady. Maybe we'll even get a fan in our bathroom! (Massachusetts tenant law actually mandates this, isn't that awesome?) So despite the complete gap between expected rent in October when Mike moves in and reality, I'm trying not to think about how broke I'll be for the rest of my life. See? I'm thinking positive.

In other (good) news, I started The Help Kathryn Stockett on the train this morning. I'm only in the second chapter and already it feels like I've been having this conversation all my life. The narrator has a strong voice, and I look forward to all the others. The book came strongly recommended by my roommate Meg, so I'm glad that I actually like it. It would have made for a very awkward living situation if I hated it.

In the office today and very much looking forward to a drink at Tia's on the Water tomorrow night with old coworkers then heading to Western Mass for an early start to my weekend! How's the view from your hump day?

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