Friday, June 3, 2011

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Just doing what I love.
Today I'm speaking at a local bookstore about two books I recommend for summer reading. I'll be talking about Joyce Carol Oates's memoir, A Widow's Story, and Anne Roiphe's Art and Madness. I read both of these memoirs back to back, from two women as immersed in the literary world as I someday hope to be. Roiphe's prose reminded me how important I am as my own encourager. She says, "There had never been a moment in my conscious life when I was not planning on becoming a writer. That is why I was reading, that is why I was trying to hear the low hum of reality under the disguises it so cleverly donned. I wanted to report on the crimes of unloving parents and betraying lovers and the things that went on in the dark where I could not see." She is a woman after my own heart.

I'm nervous about tonight; I'm not a big fan of public speaking or venturing too far out of my comfort zone. I know it will be good for me; I know that I this is the first step toward taking and making new opportunities for myself. Sometimes I find myself being too negative, doubting my abilities, and not allowing myself the chances to grow, learn, and become exposed to others with the same passions. So many times I figuratively curl up into the fetal position and cling to my routines and my comforts. How many things have passed me by because of this fear-mindedness? That's what this blog is about: Venturing out, joining a new community, articulating my fears and insecurities in order to move past them.

Today, sitting in my new room, staring out the window at a place I love with the sun shining on it, I can't help but feel optimistic and finally at ease with putting myself out there. Wish me luck.

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