Thursday, June 2, 2011


Last night was rough. The tornadoes in Massachusetts touched down in the towns right next to where Mike lives. His phone battery kept dying, so I kept not being able to get in touch with him, so I stayed glued to the news on my computer as though a banner would appear saying, "It's okay, Mel, Mike's alright." Several phone calls and text messages later, I was kind of a mess. All night I built up a pressure inside of me that culminated in a weepy Mel after I hung up the phone with Mike right before bed. Luckily I woke up to the sun and news that he's packed a bunch of bags and is bringing them to the shelter in Monson, but still it was a rough night. My new roommie Meg was moving in last night, and it was such a comfort having her there while I fretted and mopped the kitchen and bathroom to keep distracted. Guh.

Today's another beautiful day, but it's dampened a bit by the knowledge that the communities I've grown to love via Mike are suffering. Schools are canceled, the National Guard was called in for search and rescue, and Governor Patrick declared it a state of emergency. I'm going to do some more cleaning tonight, and pack up some things I can donate when I visit Mike this weekend.

Meg and I tried to make the best of the night, watching the lightning and listening to music and hula hooping in the kitchen after burgers from the Druid. I set up my camera on the tripod and took a few pictures of Meg, testing out some slower shutter speeds. It's pretty expensive getting film developed (way more than it used to be!), so I'm trying to be more selective, but I can't help but want to try out all the little options on the thing. Oh well, I spent next to nothing on the actual camera, so I can invest a little bit into learning.

I want to break out my new sewing machine tonight, and do a little trial and error (probably more error than trial, I'm sure). It's just going to be a quiet night at home, enjoying the knowledge that my love is safe.

What are your plans for the almost weekend? (I can't believe it's already Thursday!)

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