Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Already Wednesday.

I cannot believe that it's already halfway through the week, let alone the day! Yesterday was a whirlwind but a fun day moving into my new big and breezy room and hanging with Mike. I am the luckiest girl. He arrived a little after four and we set up my new stand-alone closet (well, new-to-me), bookshelves, and my bed. He is so efficient and kept me focused (well, did his best anyway). We laughed through the whole process, which was my favorite part. I love falling more in love with him, even through the mundane and sometimes tedious tasks of everyday life. It's such a novelty to me, and I find myself soaking it in every chance I get (which is a lot with him)! Guh.

Today it's back to the office and back to the grind, but I'm still flying a little bit on yesterday's high. We had a romantic dinner at my favorite pizza place, City Girl Cafe. We had basilico pizza, caesar salad, white bean and sausage soup, a hefeweissen Tucher, and a Peroni. It was the perfect break from moving. Afterward we took a trip to Target where we gallivanted (according to Mike), getting a lot of things in the summer aisle for real cheap and then grabbing some underbed storage and toilet paper so we didn't feel too frivolous. I slept so soundly with the cool breeze that I didn't wake up this morning until Mike was kissing me goodbye. Then I just lay there, looking out the window at the coming day and smiling to myself. Now it's all DART reports and blogger recruiting, but what a glorious start! I'm looking forward to my lunch of leftover pizza so I can daydream back to my perfect night.

What'd you do on your Tuesday that was really Monday?

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