Thursday, June 23, 2011

An impulse buy I can get behind.

I'm a pretty simple girl. I like t-shirts and jeans or dresses that I can throw on and go. I exclusively wear flats and a minimum amount of jewelry. The picture you're probably getting is of a boring, frumpy, non-descript person, I'm sure. But I like to think that my style, however minimalist, works for me. The things I enjoy, the people I love, and the places I go aren't hindered by aching feet or the sound of bangles on my arms (a comforting sound that reminds me of my mother) or the discomfort of feeling like I stand out. Despite my below-the-radar sense of style, I still care about my appearance. For the past month, I've toyed with the idea of chopping off my own bangs. I'd let them grow out so much and the new place I've been getting my hair cut threatened to charge $20 for a bang trim. Might as well just get a haircut, right? That's what I said!

But Tuesday, after a long day at a conference in Boston, I walked my bike down Newbury Street and saw a sign for Back Bay Hair. Walk-ins were welcome. Sounds like a recipe for a botched haircut, right? Luckily, my gut instinct to take Christina up on her $10 bang trim offer was right. Now my (pretty simple) hairstyle feels refreshed, and I can finally stop staring at myself in the mirror trying to gather up the courage to cut them myself.

Amazing what a little change can do.

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