Monday, May 30, 2011

Won't you take my picture?

Phew, another long weekend over before I know it. Still, it was wonderful. Last Thursday was the start of our beautiful weather, and thus of my bike riding and back porch dining adventures. Here's a quick rundown of my weekend:

Friday - Worked from home, then went with Meg to IKEA to pick up her bed frame. She moves in Wednesday! I can't wait.Watched the Bruins game with Shane at the Druid then went for a late night bike ride. It was perfect. Soaking up these days of bearable temperatures before the summer heat sets in.

Saturday - Some photo adventures with Jenna and Ron (see below) then brunch at City Girl Cafe with pesto eggs and mimosas. So delish. Mike came around 2pm and we went on a Goodwill hunt for some new dishes. Got a whole new set and a basket for the bathroom towels for $17! We made an amazing dinner of chicken and veggie kabobs, salad, and mushroom rice. Ate on the back porch.

Sunday - Mike and I ate breakfast at home then wandered around Cambridge. Walked to Harvard Square, ate at JP Licks, then played frisbee at JFK Memorial Park. Note to selves: Get serious sunblock. Came home for a cold shower, a dinner of leftovers, and Toy Story 3. (I cried at the end.)

Monday - Up early for a day of craigslisting (I got a free coat rack and shoe rack and Mike got a free kitchen table!). Got some things from Meg's mom's house, and prepping for moving rooms tomorrow. Ate a small lunch with a beer at Miracle of Science, then came home to watch Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, eat leftovers, then kiss Mike goodbye until tomorrow.

Now I'm just lounging, getting ready for bed, and mentally preparing for my move tomorrow. Stoked for a bigger room, three more windows, and all that this summer promises. Happy late start to the week! What are you up to?

Also, as I mentioned a while back I bought a used Pentax K1000 at a yard sale, complete with lenses and a tripod. Since then I've gone through one and a half rolls of film, testing it out to make sure it worked. I also checked out a photography book from the library to get my brain wrapped around f-stops and aperture (still a little hazy on those...), which is helping a lot. On Saturday, I dropped the first roll off at Walgreens and got the negatives back yesterday. Here they are, in all their amateur photographer glory. Enjoy!

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