Friday, May 27, 2011

2,500 things (take 2).

Yesterday I had one of those entire days that made me stop and say thanks. So here's another addition to the ever-growing list. See other lists here.
11. Waking up to a sunny forecast.

12. Wearing a dress without tights.

13. Riding my bike in a dress (with bike shorts, calm down).

14. When all of my library requests come in at once. (Picked up yesterday: My So-Called Freelance Life; Craft, Inc.; and Creative, Inc.)

15. Photography books that explain exactly what you don't understand about f-stops and aperture.

16. The feeling of taking a photograph with a new camera with confidence.

17. Leaving work in the afternoon to work from home. Because I can.

18. Fresh lemonade from 1369 Coffeehouse.

19. Being able to write again.

20. (Say it with me now!) Three. Day. Weekends.

What are you saying thank you for today?

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