Thursday, March 3, 2011

We'll see what comes of my daily dreaming.

I tweeted yesterday that some days I just want to quit my job and become a lifestyle blogger.

"What's that?" Crunch asked.

"You know, people who are married or parents or obsessed with fashion. They blog about it."

"You're none of those things."

That's when it came to me: Letters. I'm a letter-writer. Whether it's to people I know or complete strangers via my stories, I'm always writing letters. Enter my new project. It's a brain-project at the moment, but someday soon it'll be more.

Why the sudden interest in so-called lifestyle bloggers? Because no matter how much I don't want to be married or "Mom" right now, I'm fascinated by others doing things I'm not doing. There are some truly creative and thoughtful women out there blogging about their so-called ordinary lives, making extraordinary impacts on other people. I can appreciate that.

One of my new favorites is, where a married couple writes letters to each other and pretty much shares their secrets on how their marriage not only works, but flourishes. There are some great lessons in all kinds of relationships: Learning how others feel loved and communicating how you feel loved. I recently learned that lesson in one of my great friendships, and it's one I guarantee I'll probably have to learn again in the future. I appreciate all of the help I can get.

The Writles meeting last night boosted my confidence in my submission to Redivider and generally reminded me that I love reading things and then discussing them. Let's find a job like that, shall we?

Currently figuring out if my brain-project mentioned above is worthy of, or if I'm kidding myself. I'm usually kidding, but we'll see.

Heading to the Lud tonight to hang with my sweetie and Nicole and Jay. Nicole said it's like an explosion of her two lives, something I've been having a lot of lately with so many visits on the docket, so I can relate. We should teach the atom bomb to make those kinds of explosions.

Haven't done my 5x500 post, am trying to write something time travel themed as has been the theme so far this week. Friday is my dailygenoshan review day, and I have no idea when I plan to do that. Haven't read a book in a while, so I may have to refer to the vault. Again.

Goal for March: Get my shit together.

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