Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Humpday to humpday.

Mike and I joke sometimes about living that song, "Working for the Weekend," and sometimes it feels true. This week and last week, however, we're just working for the humpday. (Quick aside: I had a History teacher in high school who would sing a humpday song every Wednesday that was accompanied by a dance that I'm quite sure should have gotten him fired.) Tuesday is always such a great follow-up to Monday: It's more relaxed work-wise. I get to do research, write blog posts, and interact with the community rather than scrambling to assemble the newsletter. Tuesday nights are Writles meetings, which means hanging out at a coffeeshop and enjoying the company of fellow writers.

I submitted to the Redivider contest yesterday, and I'm pretty confident in my submission. It's a story that I love and loved telling, so hopefully they'll recognize that and love reading/publishing it. And giving me $1000. I also found out that Ploughshares has a fiction contest happening now through March 15th, which will serve as a great ass-kicker to revise and submit a story for. I've been feeling a little lazy and distracted when it comes to writing, which has ultimately led to frustration and sadness, so it's nice to feel the ball starting to roll again.

Slowly trying to keep up with The Things They Read, but without Shane it's easier to let it slip. I don't want to lose sight of the things I care about and want to pursue, so it's always in the back of my mind. Discipline, however, is nowhere to be found.

Reading Memories, Dreams, Reflections is a little slow-going, but hopefully I'll make it through in time for our March 20th meet-up. Nabila will be in town that week for her interviews at Yale and Columbia, and I couldn't be more excited. Beef bourginon and chocolate cake, movie nights and Chinese food, 1369 and the library. I can't wait.

Cyndi and Randall are also coming up for St. Patrick's Day, so I should probably start my liver training now so I don't go into shock. I'm actually a little afraid to find out what Randall's idea of partying is. They say valedictorians are always the craziest partiers. My dad's planning a visit in April as well, and I can't wait for that. The last time he came it was fuh-reezing, so hopefully this time it will be milder and more bike-ride weather.

Back to writing about storage-as-a-service providers and counting down until lunchtime. Ah, the life of an artist.

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