Friday, March 4, 2011

A day in the Lud

Mike picked me up from work yesterday afternoon, and we arrived in Ludlow a little after 5, after a quick trip to the grocery store. He's just like me in that he goes in for two items (carrots & hummus) and comes out with $50 worth of other things. But we won three Big Y coins and I rang the good service bell! All in all a successful trip.

We came to (his) home, and I finished up my work for the day. After lounging for a bit, we made some epic sandwiches complete with homemade sweet potato fries. Guhlicious. THEN we went skating at Interskate 91, where Mike has worked for about 8 years. Adorable watching him interact with people who know him as "Burtch." He was sweet (as usual) and held my hand because I was deathly afraid of falling. After I got the hang of it, he started skating faster and dancing. I have the most adorable boyfriend, it's official. His friend Nate joined us for my triumphant return to skating. We played skee ball and ate gummy hamburgers. I don't remember middle school being as awesome as it was last night. The blister on my foot: Totally worth it.

Today I'm mostly reading blogs, IT-related questions, and impressions reports. Hopefully I'll finish my stuff in time to get a little reading time in before Mike's fencing tournament. (Yupppp.) I need to get cracking on my book, and I wrote a little time-travel themed story for 5x500 that's left me wanting (to write) more.

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