Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things to do.

Okay, beating myself up never helps anyone. Here's the first entry on things I want to do or do better.

#1: Take better pictures.

With the ability to take pictures of everything, it seems we take pictures of anything. Run it through an app that makes it look like it was taken by a Polaroid camera or 100 years ago, and you're all set! I've never been good at taking pictures; I always feel silly asking people to pose. I feel exposed expressing that this moment, these people are ones I want to remember for years to come. I get shy.

No more, I say! Part of loving the people I love without shyness is keeping mementos of them and our moments together. I want to stop snapping covertly from the sidelines, capturing the candid shots of every party, the untagged shots of every Facebook album. I want to not only live a life worth photographing and journaling, but also engage in it, and let it know it's A) Awesome, B) Worth remembering, and C) All of the Above.

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