Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to the Lud.

Meg came over last night for ghetto pizza (french bread + pasta sauce + tomato slices + bacon bits) and wine. Kris joined us for a bit, then Tony came home. It was nice being at home and feeling a part of it again. Meg recently got an iPhone and is obsessed. I'm a little jealous of her major camera phone upgrade, though. Oh well, October isn't too far, especially with how fast this year's been going.

Jenna came over after Meg left and devoured our last slice of ghizza. I have to reiterate how nice it was to have some girl time, just relaxing in my camo sweats without a bra on, eating oatmeal raisin cookies fresh out of the oven and drinking $5 Cabernet from a coffee mug. Guh. I hope those things never change.

Work is dragging today. Not really, it's already 11, but I know after lunch it'll feel like eight more hours before I get to pack up and head out. I brought The Office Clue because Mike was so sad when we played it without him, and I think Saturday night will be a perfect night to play.

Work is slow-going. I'm trying to plan everything that I need to get done by the end of tomorrow, and then what needs to happen next week since Michael will be out of town. Hopefully it'll be a strong week in traffic, and I can flex some of my community management muscles.

I brought the Paris Review with me and read the first short story on the train. Very ethereal with strong use of symbolism. I need to go back through and read it. I also read a couple great articles on librarians boycotting HarperCollins (which I also blogged about), the art of marginalia, and this thing called WordTheatre NY that I desperately want to experience now.

Mike and I are planning a trip to Philly (!!!) during his April vacation, the week after dad comes to visit. April's shaping up to be just as
exciting as March! Cyndi and Randall (I think) are coming next weekend, then Nabila's here for grad school interviews, then a couple weeks break (necessary), and then I hit the ground running again.

I started a little something on 5x500 yesterday, and I'm excited to use Mike's weekend grading time to expand and experiment.

Peter Pan picks me up at 4:20 (yuppp) at Riverside, and I couldn't be more stoked. I have oatmeal raisin cookies in my bag and a lunch with rice in the fridge, so today's shaping up to be the best day of the week so far.

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