Monday, February 28, 2011

Southern accents, meatloaf hash & science museums.

Fuck me, it's March already. This year so far has been a whirlwind; that word comes to mind now when I think about my life. Yesterday was the first day things were calm enough (read: I was home alone) to clean and relax. Or, rather, clean and then relax. I cooked a delicious breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, went to Target for more radical cleaning tools (and a comfy flannel shirt), went home and cleaned, then sat in my room and caught up on TV shows via Hulu with a (couple) glass(es) of wine. Then I read for a while, talked to Mike and went to sleep. It was the perfect wind down before diving back into the work week after a perfect four day weekend. Oh right, let's start from the beginning.

Keenan and Derek were in town from Georgia, and they arrived Thursday morning. Mike and I walked to their hotel, and we all got lunch together at Bartley's Burger Cottage. Mmm. Then we went to the Brattle Bookstore near Downtown Crossing and got coffee at the Thinking Cup Coffeeshop. We parted ways so K&D could nap, then they came over later to eat quiche, drink cocktails, and play Scrabble. I was giddy watching my current and past lives melding so well together.

Jenna joined us Friday, and we all went to the Science Museum. We learned about how race is a social construction, how fireflies in South America stare at each other's butts and flash at the same time, and how freezedried ice cream tastes like malted milkballs. After much-desired Thai food we hung with KMo and her work friend Meg at Meg's doorman equipped building with an amazing view. King Cake, cocktails, and mini pitas were consumed. Boobs on beads and penis straws were laughed at and fondled. Mike couldn't stop eating and kept making himself cry and his tummy hurt. Peg met us for a nightcap at the Field, then we went for a hot dog at Bukowski's. Derek got pissed that their refills weren't free, but I'm pretty sure he was annoyed at the whole situation. He didn't seem to take to Mike the way Keenan did, and I fear there may have been some jealousy involved. Keenan was carefree and seemed to really enjoy himself, but Derek said he preferred sitting in the hotel room.

Saturday morning I woke up before Mike (who is a bum) and revised "There Are Too Many" in the kitchen. I sent it off to The Writles for this week, and decided I'm going to submit it to Redivider's fiction contest happening now. The deadline is tomorrow so I'm going to send it in as soon as I get home. The first prize is $1,000, and Karen says there aren't too many (good) submissions, so I actually have a chance. If not, I at least get a year's subscription out of the $15 submission fee. Win-win in a way. After I woke Mike up, we all went to brunch at Stephi's to see Meg. Meatloaf hash blew mine and Mike's mind. Saturday night was strange and low energy after Mike left, but it was overall a great weekend. I felt like I actually spent quality time with them, and they're pretty easy guests to host.

Tonight is reading for the Writles, tomorrow is the Writles, and Wednesday night Mike's picking me up from work for a long weekend in Ludlow! Stoked.

Some pics from the Science Museum:


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