Saturday, March 5, 2011

A day in the Lud.

My mini vacation continues. Today I didn't wake up until 830, ate pizza for breakfast, and lounged in Mike's pajamas for half the morning. When the internet decided to call it quits, I cleaned myself up and headed over to the local coffee shop, The Radical Roaster, to meet Nicole for some work and giggly time. Crysty's super jealous via gchat.

I looked up their website on my phone beforehand to make sure they had free WiFi (you know, so I could do more work...), and saw that they have what's called The Peanut Butter Cup Latte. Guhmazing.

Last night we came back from Mike's fencing tournament (he almost won, but was beat by another [smaller] Mike by one point!), and quickly assembled an epic veggie pizza. Nicole and Jay came over for some snack packs, pizza, Red Vines (ew), and Roseanne. Mike all but lost his voice and wasn't feeling too well, so went to sleep pretty early. Result? I feel super well-rested today! He also won an award today: The Grinspoon Award for Excellence in Teaching. That's my man.

Today is working with Nicole/Salvation Army shopping/NorthHampton (NoHo) day. I'm pretty stoked.

Again, I'm hoping for some reading time, though I don't expect that will happen until tomorrow morning when I will undoubtedly wake up before Mike and slip into the papasan chair for some quality time with the New Yorker and Carl Jung. We'll see.

For now, I'll wrap up the ITKE week and make a little plan for next week since Michael (boss) will be out of town. This cafe is adorable and super comfy.

Day 1 1/2 Pics:

I'm 2 for 2. Pizza for lunch at The Radical Roaster. 
Peanut Butter Cup Latte. I can taste the chunks of pb!

Homemade pizza!

My man can fence.

I was pretending to text. He wasn't fooled.

He was so hungry. I probably shouldn't have been taking pictures.

En guard!


The Radical Roaster. Or The Radical Rooster.

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