Friday, March 11, 2011

Hot coffee, cold feet.

Yesterday was spent being antsy at work. I felt like it was field trip day in grade school. My leg kept bouncing, and I checked the clock incessantly, no doubt annoying Crunch with my complaints about how the day was dragging. I packed up promptly at 350 and headed over to Riverside to catch my 420 bus. The Peter Pan bus was a few minutes late, and I was nervous thinking it might not come. Oh, silly. The bus was pretty full, especially with my two big bags with work and weekend stuff, but I fell asleep pretty quickly, missing a good chunk of the This American Life episode I was listening to. The guy next to me smelled like babies and fresh laundry, so it was a pleasant nap. I awoke to dusk and a text from Mike asking where I was. I then sent him text updates of when we passed the bridge with all of the flags, the Friendly's sign, the Palmer/Amherst sign, Plantation Inn ("Southern hospitality in New England!"). He was waiting out front in his windpants and polo when I got there. What a great start to the night!

We were both hungry, and he had a gift certificate to Tony & Penny's, a Portuguese restaurant right near his house, so we went there for dinner. It was duh-lish. I got the seafood rice, which consisted of the most delectable scallops (which I didn't think I liked, but boy do I), shrimp, clams, and spicy red sauce. Mike got the bake stuffed shrimp with oven roasted potatoes. Wine, Sagresh (Portuguese beer), chocolate mousse, and Grand Slam pie. We were stuffed.
Tony & Penny's. (Taken with Instagram.)

It's a drizzly day outside today, which makes me glad I remembered to bring coffee supplies for Mike's house. I've just been reclined on his couch all day, doing work and drinking coffee, eating leftovers, and listening to Sarah Jaffe, my new music obsession. I can't wait to play some of her songs on my guitar when I get home.

Tonight is a stop by Interskate, and possibly the Lighthouse for $1.50 Rolling Rock to meet up with some of Mike's friends. Jenna says she gets antsy when she goes to Ron's parents' house, but being in Ludlow reminds me of being at home. I love it! Mike has to turn in final grades on Monday, so it looks like I'll get some writing/reading time in this weekend. I had a dream that I was on my way to the book club meeting and I hadn't yet finished the book! Reminded me of college. A horrible feeling that I intend to avoid.

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