Thursday, February 24, 2011

All work & no play makes Mel a dull girl.

I'm low on sleep and high on to-dos, so I'm a little whiny. Rather than listing complaints, let's list some good things about today:

1. It's my last day of work this week.

2. I did a phone interview for a blog post that didn't make my hands sweat beforehand. Perhaps it's growing on me?

3. I didn't have a bizarre-o lunch today. I feel satisfied, and my mouth doesn't reek of onions.

4. Bagel Wednesday!

5. Crunch gave me her FB sign-in to look at Ashley's bachelorette party photos. Felt nostalgic & grateful for knowing some amazing women. Renewed sense of need to visit her in NOLA.

6. There will be time for Mel-Quiet-Time after I get home from work tonight.

7. Mike comes tonight!

8. I have supplies to bake Nutella cookies when I get home. That, laundry, submitting to my writing group, and reading are on my list.

It's already 1 pm, and I have quite a few things to tie up before my four-day weekend, but I'm feeling renewed. After a cup of coffee I'll be ready to go.

Reading now: Still working on Jung's autobiography, and this week's New Yorker came in the mail yesterday.

Writing now: 5x500 post is an old bit I never got around to finishing. I'm starting to see it as a piece of flash fiction instead now.

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