Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The No Fun Book Club.

It was another busy, amazing weekend. Went to a good friend's baby shower, which served as a mini-reunion for old work friends, went to Mike's sister's birthday dinner with the whole fam (!!!) and it turned out fun. I'm always nervous my social anxieties will kick in during crucial moments like those, and luckily Mike makes me feel comfortable enough that it didn't. Besides, his family's great and not too different from my own. The food was delicious, and his grandma is so adorable. I was the only one listening to her in the car and at one point she says, "This is an old song," then a few seconds later she was singing quietly to herself. When Missie was poking Mike's butt through the carseat and he asked, "Who's touching my butt?" his grandma piped in, "It better be Melanie." Guh.

Saturday morning I woke up at 830 to meet up at 1369 with Shane, Sean, Ryan, and Beth for the inaugural meeting of The No Fun Book Club. We made an epic list of books on our to-read list; we came up with an order for us to each pick a book; we came up with arbitrary rules (one of which is that we can't read any books we want to read and we can't have any fun); and we chatted with one of the leaders of Cambridge Reads. The sun was shining, the coffee was hot, and the topic was books. God has a clearer image of what I want my heaven to be.

Our first book is Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Carl Jung's autobiography. I started reading the introduction to the book (while sitting on the toilet!) and even the way the book came together is interesting. I'm giddy at the idea of finally being in a book group with other willing participants, and giddy at the thought of having an actual book I'm reading rather than flitting from collection of stories to collection of essays like some gypsy.

Happy Presidents' Day. Today we're celebrating Jordan's birthday with cupcakes, dinner, and board games. Wish Mike had stayed, but I'm repeating that bogus saying about absence and hearts. Back to the office tomorrow, then Bagel Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday off for Keenan and Derek's visit. Excited, but ready for the whirlwind to calm. Oh well, I can breathe when I'm dead.

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