Friday, February 18, 2011

Feeling dizzy.

Sitting in a weekly work meeting about twenty minutes ago, I started feeling dizzy. Now I'm counting down the minutes until Mike gets here and I can rest my eyes on the drive home. Mary Poppins with Jennatron is tonight, and I'm stoked; I even have the cheesy Facebook status to prove it.

I've caught up on my sleep - finally - and with my new commute, mornings are much more enjoyable and productive. Today, with coffee in hand, I read "The Things They Carried" from Tim O'Brien's collection of the same title. Crysty's been hounding me about reading the entire collection since it's my book blog's namesake and all. O'Brien's phenomenal at shifting the meanings of words and objects without creating a ping pong effect.

I've written a few snippets and ideas for upcoming stories. Can't wait to work on those tomorrow and Saturday morning. As for now, the dizziness is overwhelming and time is doing its thing, only slower.

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