Monday, May 21, 2012

Trip to DC: Friday

Never too old for toys!
You will be arrested immediately if you sit on Abe's lap, so Cyndi and I climbed up there and just hovered. 
Cyndi's a pretty amazing photographer. 
Cyndi's favorite kitchen utensil: Her fingers. 
It seems the things we anticipate the most go by the fastest. Mike and I scored some cheap toy cameras on Wednesday, and I packed the single lens Holga and headed on late Thursday night. After a strange night of back pain, an overzealous bus driver who referred to everyone on the bus as her family (i.e., "How's my family doing?" over the intercom at 2 am, 3 am, 4 am when she stopped at a Dunkin Donuts in the Bronx), and watching the sun rise from the top of a double-decker, it was a sweet reunion with hungover Cyndi at Union Station. She was dressed to the nines in some basketball shorts, t-shirt, and a cardigan. And thus began our classy weekend. 

I liked arriving in the morning; being able to shower, eat some breakfast, and head out for a full day of wandering on the National Mall, napping, swirled frozen margaritas (which I drank too fast) & delicious chips and salsa, a drunken stop at the Asian grocer, then a night in of leftover Rose, homemade cake batter ice cream, and the best homemade pizza I have ever had. (I broke Mike's heart when I told him that.) Cyndi's secret ingredient? Cutting the pizza with scissors. 

I started falling asleep on the couch pretty soon after we finished the ice cream and I could let my guard down. We curled up in Cyndi's bed like old times, sans the Doritos, of course.

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jessemac said...

loved reading about your dc trip. if i've learned anything recently in my life, it's that anticipated things do fly by.

your saratoga springs potato chip comment made my day! settling in to a completely new place is always hard for me...but it's so exciting still. i always feel better when everything is unpacked though.