Thursday, May 17, 2012

T-12 hours.

I'm a planner. I enjoy saying things like, "We should go camping!" or "Let's have a dinner party!" or "We should get a big group together and go climb a mountain somewhere." Then I look into the future and think, How nice that we have all of this time in the world! Then a year and a half goes by and I still haven't seen Cyndi. You know what I mean?

The thing is, Cyndi's been gallivanting all over the world since I visited her in Lincoln, NE (when the above picture was taken). She's been to Japan, South Africa, LA, Hawaii, and various other places I'm not responsible for memorizing, but she's finally settled for the time being (read: student loans kicked in) and I've known for a while that I needed to jump on her being a bus ride away (albeit a very long bus ride). But she made the trip up to Boston last year, during winter no less, so it's my turn to return the favor during one of the most beautiful weekends ever (aside from cherry blossom weekends, of course).

I've been a little stagnant lately. I'm a creature of habit and of comfort zones. Of taking too much alone time until I wake up one day and think, When was the last time I interacted with someone who doesn't live with me? This weekend I'm about to spend in DC is no different; Cyndi's a comfort zone of mine all on her own (woolly mammoth club!), but I get to disguise this recharge of a trip as a trip to a new city! Tourist time! But, really, I'm just excited to sit on a bathroom floor with cheap wine and homemade ice cream on my breath crying my eyes out.

You have your hobbies, we have ours. See you on the flip side! (Read: Monday.)

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Tana Lopez said...

I love reading your blog!! :-)