Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lessons in patience.

I've been getting impatient with my dressmaking lately. I'm hitting the same wall I hit when I first got my guitar for Christmas. I would start out patient, chord book in front of me, capo and picks at my side. Then something would snap, and I would just start strumming on those poor strings as hard as I could, willing them to just sound like music. Eventually, I slowed my roll and learned how to play all of my favorite Jewel and Sarah McClachlan songs, so that story has a happy ending. I'm hoping many years from now I can say the same for my sewing story.

A while back I bought the DIY Dress Up e-course from A Beautiful Mess, and I've pulled it out a couple of times. Last night I decided to get my money's worth and learn some of the beginner skills I so hurriedly skipped as I started my dressmaking adventures. I always buy remnants I like when I'm at JoAnn's with grand plans to practice my sewing on them with simple projects. And last night I actually did it! But, really, I can accomplish anything with my roommate's playlist--composed of "Hammertime" and "If I Ain't Got You" being performed live on some singing competition show--playing over and over in the background.

Today I'm entertaining ideas of etsy shops and homemade sundresses (there I go again!). I'm also really enjoying Pride and Prejudice, which I've started reading about a dozen times without ever finishing. When I got a really pretty copy from the book swap at work, I knew I had no more excuses. Besides, who wouldn't want to read about bad ass Lizzy?

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