Friday, April 13, 2012

Changing the stats.

It's been another one of those Fridays that's making me earn the weekend. The prospect of City Girl and some reading time is getting me through. An iced coffee from 1369 (thanks, Peg!) and leftover whoopie pies are also helping.

Mike is at opening day at Yankee Stadium. I try not to be the jealous type, but we can't help our genes, can we now?

I'm taking a much-need mental break and supplying some links that are brightening my day:

Busy Bee Lauren keeps complaining about losing her memory because of pregnancy brain (it's a real thing, I'll give that to her), but I'm convinced she's gotten funnier. Case in point: she's discovered her calling as matchmaker to the stars.

Apparently you can't embed Vimeo videos in Blogger, so instead I'll supply a good old-fashioned link. A little reminder to serve as an encouragement and role model for all the little ladies in your life.

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chantilly said...

that meal looks soooo good!! i'm hungry :)