Monday, March 5, 2012

What do you call it?

I recently did the real stupid thing of adding my work email to my phone. It's nice when I'm on the bus on my way home and I can quickly reply to an email that doesn't need to be dragged out until the next day. But this past weekend there were five work emails hanging over my head, reminding me that Monday approacheth. I'm contemplating removing it from my phone, or just getting better at ignoring it.

Today has been the prototype Monday. I'm so glad I packed cookies.

I'm still wrestling with writer's block. Writer's fatigue? Writer's slow and painful death? All of the above. All of the below, on the other hand, is keeping me going.

I made quite the comeback in last night's game of Intuition. Mike was very supportive.
 This manmade manhole in the MFA's Contemporary Wing was mind-bending. 
 I always seem to come back to this one. The Common's changed a bit since then...
Loved the neon signage all around the MFA. I'm always drawn to words, and these were especially sweet.

Have any good museums around you? 

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Maria said...

I wish :( There are some in new orleans, so hopefully I'll make the hour drive soon!

Hope your writing block goes away!