Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday, Sunday.

I can't believe the weekend is almost over. I'm sitting on the couch, pouting over my writer's block and lamenting the beginning of another work week. We had a fun, albeit too short, weekend. I took Mike to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for his first time ever. The new contemporary art wing is really fun, and I actually saw the first bit of performance art that I actually enjoyed. The artist watched New York lawyers during litigation and from that, choreographed a dance for them, which she filmed in the lobby of a law firm in New York. Usually with performance art, I feel like it's so out of my reach as far as understanding and relating, but this one made sense and felt universal, like a reminder of how even the stressful or mundane aspects of my life can become a sort of ritual, routine.

We've also got Hulu+ on Mike's Xbox, which has proven to be very, very dangerous. I have to allot times of the day that I'm allowed to watch TV or I'll just keep watching episode after episode of New Girl, Smash, and Grimm. Also, the pilot of Awake blew my mind.

We're taking tonight slow with dinner at home and, let's be honest, more episodes of Grimm. (I'm not allowed to watch TV until after dinner, though.)

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