Thursday, March 22, 2012

Close call morning.

Twice already today almost started out horribly. I was up early for a work-from-home day, ready to go, packed up the trash (I cheat and take it out on trash morning, when the bins are on the sidewalk so I don't have to encounter the rats in our trash abyss). I had my book in my purse and an hour to kill before work. When I dumped the recycling into the bin, in went my keys. Oh noooo, I said to no one. But upon inspection, the tattered old Marc Jacobs snap keychain was sticking out far enough for me to reach. Relieved at the close call, I continued on to 1369, gripping my skirt as it blew up against the wind. After an hour of reading and sipping coffee and nibbling a chocolate croissant and pretending that is my life, I came home to start work. No internet. I panicked, thought maybe I hadn't paid the bill, called to check, it's not due until the 30th. I unplugged various cords whose jobs are a mystery to me, knowing in my gut that the yellow blinking light on the modem (or is it the router?) was not a good sign. You'd think after almost two years of working with tech material, I'd know the difference or how to troubleshoot a simple home Internet set up. Not so, my friends. Not so.

So I did what any self-respecting clueless gal who's late to work does, I hurriedly called Comcast after getting annoyed with their mobile site, and after receiving a "refresh signal," which sounded like bogus pacification to me, I hit 0 twice, just to make sure they knew I was serious about speaking to a human. As she asked me the usual security questions ("What's your blood type?" "Who's your aunt's second cousin's neighbor's dog walker?"), I clicked on the Chrome icon and lo-and-behold, there it was, the Internet in all her glory. I sheepishly thanked the woman for all of her help and informed her that the refresh signal seems to have worked. She laughed, the relieved laugh of a customer service worker who has actually encountered a nonviolent customer, and we hung up.

And, guys, the sun is shining. Days of going to the beach and complaining about sweating behind my knees and eating frozen grapes to keep from dying and napping by accident on benches or in the grass in front of the library--those days are on the tip of my tongue.

From left to right, top to bottom: (1) Dress #2 in progress, hence the cardigan; (2) Chocolate Cheerios + Peanut Butter Cheerios, together at last; (3) Mornings in Inman, waking up at 7am never felt so rewarding; (4) A much needed walk after work on Tuesday. See my shadow there? 

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Melisande said...

cute dress! i hate mornings like that. and our internet has been giving us so much trouble--i totally know the feeling. glad your day got better, and hope you have a wonderful weekend!