Friday, February 24, 2012

Dear Weekend,

Wow, you're here again, huh? You just couldn't get enough of me.

Dearest PEG, 
Thank you for cleaning the kitchen on Tuesday when I needed it most. Thank you for leaving your shoes for me to wear this weekend as well. You haven't done that last part, but I know you will. Sideways smiley-face.

Dear Jury Duty,
You threw my week off, but you were still an interesting experience. And, hey! I got a free lunch out of you, though you know what they say about those...

Dear March, 
You were almost here before I knew it, but now I'm paying attention. Excited for your calm, your three paychecks, the chance to see Keenan and maybe Cyndi, and my first time sponsoring other blogs. Here's to new steps forward!

Dear Mike, 
It's been so awesome having you home the majority of this week. Can it always be February vacation?

Dear Comcast,
Thank you for installing real Internet a week before office renovations and my marathon working-from-home schedule! You are a breath of relief!

Dear Verizon,



Ashley Slater said...

congrats on taking the step to sponsor other blogs! It's addicting, this blog world!

Emily Hope said...

I've been called for jury duty three time one when I was only three months old, again at ten and then again at 16. Crazy right?

Julie Marie said...

jury duty WAS so interesting. i had it for the first time last year.. i wasnt called... but i am glad because it was a high profile case involving 4 murders (children involved)... =( so sad... but it was something iam glad to experience..ONCE!