Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You have got no body, so why do you insist on wearing clothes?

Busy Mondays easily become busy Tuesdays. I'm still on track with my goal to hang out with Jim every other day, even though this morning it was especially hard to part with my bed. I remember the thought, This is how it starts going through my head, and I was up, getting dressed, making oatmeal, and picking out an outfit for the day to stuff into my makeshift gym (ahem, Jim) bag. I'm wearing my second Goodwill find, munching on banana bread, and listening to Kate Nash on Pandora. She makes me laugh, and frankly that's what I need right now, swimming in image edits and emails telling me everything is wrong.

Something about Nash's lyrics make me want to sit down and write a story. Her commitment to each storyline is so complete and such a joy to listen to.

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