Monday, January 30, 2012

The sun and shadows.

It's another one of those Mondays where I'm swamped with work, even after coming in an hour early. I'm happy to say that I stayed on my goal of hanging out with Jim every other day, leaving Mike in bed to go running at 9 AM. Let me tell you what, it's so much more satisfying lounging around on a Sunday after you've run(/walked) three miles. And indulging on slow cooker pulled chicken sandwiches for dinner? Even better.

I went on a baking craze yesterday, whipping up fresh blueberry muffins and banana bread, so now my apartment is a dangerous area of leftover strawberry shortcake fixins, black bean brownies, banana bread, and blueberry muffins. Please. Somebody help me.

This weekend Mike and I went to the big Goodwill in Davis Square where I scored this sweet picnic-basket-turned-yarn-holder-with-built-in-needle-pockets along with some great dresses. Two of them I could wear off the rack (one of which I'm wearing right now) and two of them I plan to alter into awesomeness. Stay posted on the progress of those. I don't know if it always looks like this and I'm just usually still in my apartment getting ready, but the sun and shadows this morning were beautiful. See doesn't-do-it-justice-insta-above.


Emily said...

Totally wish I could help you out with all those baked good {read, eat them.}

Craftzilla said...

Awesome use of a picnic basket! Love it!