Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(365 Chances) #4: Right when you need it, it snows.

This weekend was exactly what I needed. Between apartment headaches (migraines, really) and the subsequent growing distaste for my living situation (despite loving my roommates), I needed a weekend away. Our first anniversary turned out to be the perfect excuse to get away. Saturday we headed up to Keene, New Hampshire, to visit friends and take advantage of Mike's dad's Holiday Inn points. We enjoyed the snowy views, went thrift store shopping, ate Thai food, had a decadent dessert at Burdick Chocolate, and played darts in Bellows Falls, VT. The next day we saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D (Mike's favorite Disney movie), then headed to Brattleboro, VT, for our second night at of Holiday Inn Express hopping, this time with a big jacuzzi right there in the room with us. That night we had dinner and bowling with friends, then settled in for a night of Don't Break the Ice, one of Mike's thrift purchases. 

If you're ever in one of these areas, I definitely recommend More Than a Thrift Store in Keene, NH; Burdick Chocolate in Walpole, NH; Fireworks, Mocha Joes, and Twice Upon a Time in downtown Brattleboro, VT; and Brattleboro Bowl in Brattleboro. 

Best of all, it was wonderful to feel just as crazy about that man as I was a year ago when he drove into Cambridge from Western Mass for our first date. And last night, as we readied ourselves for bed, it started to snow. I'm a lucky, lucky, happy, happy girl. 

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vintch said...

sounds like such a wonderful weekend:) i love holiday inn expresses, by the way.