Friday, January 13, 2012


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Dearest Mak,
I usually don't like rollercoasters because they give me headaches and nausea and bad moods, but nothing beats the day we rode 'coasters in the living room while playing tea and doctor. Miss you.

Dear Morning Version of Me,
Deciding, upon waking up half an hour late, that you should work from home? Best. Decision. Ever. Thanks.

Dear Cyndi,
I hope you understand how I cherish our afternoon gchat vents and advice sessions. 

Dear Mike, 
We'll have been going steady for one year tomorrow. I can hardly believe it! 

Dear sewing machine,
Thanks for keeping me company these past late nights, for making me work for something I want, and for giving me an excuse to watch How I Met Your Mother marathons.

Dear three day weekend,
You are on the tip of my tongue, and you are so so sweet. I look forward to Redbones, New Hampshire, hiking, unfamiliar thrift stores, and ten cent wing night with friends like we're still in college! 

Dear student loans,
I've begun paying on the principle rather than just the interest, and it feels pretty amazing to be kicking your butt. Start preparing yourself for it to be over sooner rather than later.